At Coral Orthodontics, Dr.Prathiam Adusumilli will evaluate which treatment will best suit your needs to obtain best poosible correction in a minimum amount of time.

During phase 2: Management of Intra Arch problems, Transverse Malocclusions, Vertical Malocclusions, Sagittal Malocclusions are corrected.

– Intra arch problems such as Crowding of teeth, spaces between teeth, midline diastemas, small teeth/ microdontia, missing teeth space consolidation or preservation, peg laterals, retained deciduous teeth, mesiodens, low frenal attachment, midline pathology, deep bite, elimination of habits, rotations etc can be corrected.

– Transverse problems such as
Dental crossbite: anterior or posterior crossbites of single tooth, multiple teeth, unilateral or bilateral.
Skeletal crossbite: anterior or posterior
Functional crossbite

– Vertical Malocclusion such as
Dental deep bite
Skeletal deep bite
Anterior or posterior openbite
Skeletal Openbite

– Sagittal Malocclusion such as class 2 skeletal or dentoalveolar class 2 in a growing child or adult.

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