At Coral Orthodontics, Dr. Prathima Adusumilli will help you get a mouth guard or Night guard and customizes it with your choice of color and design aswell.



A Mouth Guard is constructed by your orthodontist so that it doesnot interfere with normal occlusion and affords protection against injuries to teeth in contact sports.
There are two types of Mouth Guards.
1. Prefabricated Mouth Guards:
– Readily available
– They are not custom fit to individuals teeth so often the fit is loose
– These are not very effective when compared to Custom-made Mouth Guards
2. Custom- made Mouth Guards:
– They provide better fit and comfort to the patients
– They are less likely to affect player’s speech
– It affords maximum resistance to dislodgement since it fits accurately to individual tooth and arch.

It’s very important to protect your teeth when you play sports. Not only do mouthguards protect your teeth, but studies have shown that they also can cushion the shock from a bump to the head.Coral Orthodontics offers custom mouth guards for all ages and all sports. Call 954-418-2354 for details.                                                



Night guards are custom made from the patient’s teeth and made of a dense hard acrylic with a soft internal lining that goes against the teeth. They act to protect your teeth, jawbones and muscles in order to reduce the symptoms of teeth grinding, clenching and/or jaw pain.

Dr. Adusumilli will discuss your options and help you make the best choice for your needs. Bruxism is a very serious condition that causes unnatural wear and damage to your teeth, often requiring expensive repairs. However, the damage is not limited to your teeth. It can also affect the tissues that support your teeth, and lead to facial pain, headaches and TMD. Common signs and symptoms are :
Teeth that are sensitive to heat or cold
Grinding or clenching of the teeth (bruxism)
Notches on your teeth especially near the gums
Front teeth that look thin, worn-out or chipped
Waking up with tired facial muscles
Teeth or dental work that fractures or breaks
Jaw pain
Unexplained headaches

Even for people who grind their teeth uncontrollably, having a balanced bite is beneficial. Less damage is caused when you have an even bite that disperses forces more uniformly. Just like tires on your car, if properly balanced, will have a longer tread life, so having your bite balanced will mean a healthier future for you and your teeth. In addition, wearing a mouth guard is the most basic way to protect the teeth from damage.