The word Orthognathic surgery means (Ortho- Straight and Gnathic- jaw)- Straight Jaw.

Surgical Orthodontics denotes the surgical procedures that are carried out before, during or after orthodontic treatment.

Surgical procedures can prevent or correct periodontal problems, facilitate and hasten orthodontic treatment, reduce relapse, add to post-orthodontic stability and improve aesthetics and function for the patients.

Steps involved in treatment Planning Surgical Orthodontics:

1. Clinical exam, Radiographs, Photographs, Study casts
2. Presurgical Orthodontics Diagnosis and Tentative treatment plan: Levelling , Alligning, Arch decompensation, Arch compatibility
3. Final Surgical Planning- Cephalometric prediction tracing and model surgery
4. Template preparation
5. Surgery
6. Post Surgical Orthodontics
7. Retention

At Coral Orthodontics, Dr. Prathima Adusumilli, Orthodontist chooses the best treatment that suits individual needs to treat different malocclusions in children, teens and adults.