Patients should provide their Orthodontist a detailed medical history during their consultation and also update any changes during the course of their orthodontic treatment.

The important areas of concern in medical history before or during Orthodontic treatment are:

1. History of Allergy: Allergy to any drugs, latex, nickel containing alloys, acrylic, impression materials

2.History of Blood Dyscrasias: Require special management if extractions are required, Patients taking steroids therapy, tooth movement is impeded, Information about HIV or Hep B should be disclosed for better protection of the doctor and staff

3. History of cardiac anomalies or rheumatic fever: These patients need antibiotic prophylaxis,prevention of procedures that cause bacteremia

4. History of exanthematous fever

5. History of chronic painful conditions: inform Dr about any anti inflammatory drugs being taken as they impede tooth movement

6. History of epilepsy: epilepsy should be controlled before orthodontic treatment. Patient can receive only fixed appliances as there is a risk of swallowing of the removeable appliances

7. History of diabetes

8. History of trauma

Patients should always provide the orthodontist with all the current medications they are prescribed during their consult and update during their orthodontic treatment.