The American Association of Orthodontics recommends for Orthodontic checkups no later than 7 years of age. Interceptive Orthodontics is defined as that phase of Orthodontics employed to recognize and eliminate potential irregularities and malpositions of the developing dento-facial complex.
The procedures undertaken in Interceptive Orthodontics include:
1. Serial Extraction
2. Correction of developing cross bite
3. Control of abnormal habits
4. Space regaining
5. Muscle exercises
6. Interception of skeletal malrelation

Serial extraction is generally initiated in the early mixed dentition stage when one can recognize and anticipate potential irregularities in the dento-facial complex and is corrected by a procedure that includes the planned extraction of certain deciduous teeth and later specific permanent teeth in an orderly sequence and predetermined pattern to guide the erupting permanent teeth into a more favorable position.

Serial extraction carried out during mixed dentition and early permanent dentition has several advantages. Treatment is more physiologic as it involves guidance of teeth into normal positions using physiologic forces. It reduces or eliminates the duration of multi banded fixed treatment. Psychological trauma associated with malocclusion can be avoided by treatment of the malocclusion at an early age. Better oral hygiene is possible thereby reducing the risk of caries. More stable results obtained as the tooth material and arch length are in harmony.

Dr. Prathima Adusumilli highly recommends scheduling an appointment with your Orthodontist by age 7, to evaluate any necessity for interceptive Orthodontic treatment. At Coral Orthodontics, we provide orthodontic services for all ages including children, teens and adults. Different types of braces are also available to cater to all ages.

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