Your first visit with Dr. Prathima Adusumilli, Orthodontist, at Coral Orthodontics will be for a new patient exam and X rays. During this visit, Dr. Prathima Adusumilli will do an extra oral and intra oral exam, TMJ evaluation and X rays. With this information, she will be able to provide you with a detailed treatment plan for the dental treatment needed for you in a step by step process. Dr. Adusumilli and our staff members will help answer all your questions and concerns. Diagnosis is an important part to determine what kind of treatment you might need to address your chief complaint. Diagnosis is a systematic procedure that permits identification of clinical problem, its nature and extent.


Comprehensive orthodontic diagnosis is established after collecting useful clinical information using diagnostic aids. At Coral Orthodontics, Dr. Adusumilli takes time to complete Comprehensive dental exam including medical history, dental history, personal history, family history, social history, clinical exam, extra oral exam, intra oral exam, functional exam, x rays, plaster Study models/casts, Radiographs- full mouth, panoramic x rays and cephalometric x rays, Facial Photographs.

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