EARLY TREATMENT/ PREVENTATIVE ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- This statement applies to Orthodontics too!


At Coral Orthodontics, Dr. Prathima Adusumilli, Orthodontist chooses the best treatment that suits individual needs to treat different malocclusions in children, teens and adults.The various preventive orthodontic procedures can be studied under two ways:

1. Preventive procedures without appliances such as
Parent education
Oral hygiene
Caries prevention
Monitoring of Primary and mixed dentition
Removal of Supernumerary teeth
Restoration of decayed teeth
Habit corrections
Tongue tie management
Extraction of retained deciduous teeth (milk teeth)

2. Preventive procedures with appliances such as
Mouth guards
Space maintenance
Habit appliances

American Association of Orthodontists now recommend that every child should see an Orthodontist at the age of 7 years. In the past, it was believed that parents obtained Orthodontist consultation only after all the primary/ baby teeth exfoliated. But recent studies show that kids at age 7 and up, when monitored by Orthodontist can prevent many developing malocclusions.